2018 Program

Wednesday, September 12th

Main Stage | Governor Ballroom Renaissance Room Library Billiard Room
Emcee: Linda Woodley | Principal and Senior Director, Prisma Point
Introduction: Brenda Hunt | Director, Residential Service Line, CLEAResult
Customers desire choice and innovative approaches to delivering essential services. We will explore the changing dynamics in energy, the importance of convergence and diversity.
Ronald Brisé | Government Affairs Consultant, Gunster (Former Florida Public Service Commissioner & Former Co-Chair of National Utilities Diversity Council)
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Moderator: Laurie Dowling | Executive Director, National Utilities Diversity Council  
Marie Jordan | President and CEO, Peak Reliability
Melinda Rogers | Vice President, Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer, NW Natural
Kevin Walker | Senior Vice President, Power Supply, Southern California Edison
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10:30-11:45am There is little debate about the importance of diversity in the private sector in general, and the energy industry specifically. Many businesses tout this sentiment and have highlighted their successes in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. But Diversity is not a destination - it is a journey that requires ongoing re-evaluation and, in some instances, the redoubling of efforts to constantly champion its cause. The question becomes: Not only, how do we achieve diversity and inclusion in our workplaces? But how do we SUSTAIN it in the fast paced, ever changing world of business? The presenters in this session will focus on the "Three R's" that pave the road to sustaining diversity: Recruiting, Retention and providing a path to Rise through the ranks. Shaped by their own personal experiences, they will share best practices that will assist all of us, regardless of our titles, maintain our own ongoing commitments on our respective journeys.
Moderator: Gwendolyn Keyes Fleming | Partner, Van Ness Feldman - Former Chief of Staff, Environmental Protection Agency
Ben Downing | VP External Relations, Drexel Hamilton
Paula Glover | President and CEO, American Association of Blacks in Energy
Monica Martinez | President & CEO, Ruben Strategy Group
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Introduction: Debbie Goldberg-Menashe | General Counsel, Energy Trust of Oregon
Timothy Alan Simon | Counsel/Consultant, TAS STRATEGIES, Commissioner Emeritus, California Public Utilities Commission
1:15-2:30pm As we move towards the 50th anniversary of the signing of Nixon's Executive order 11458 (March 5th 1969), which established the requirement for government agencies and their contractors to contract and report on their spending with minority-owned companies, the fundamental question as to "why" Supplier Diversity still remains. Join us for a conversation on how the participating companies are working to improve their Supplier Diversity focus and how the scope of Diversity & Inclusion in general continues to evolve across the energy industry.
Moderator: Karen Beachy | VP Supply Chain, Black Hills Corporation  
Bobby Johnson | Senior Manager of Supplier Diversity, CLEAResult  
Ozzie Gonzalez | Diversity Director, Howard S. Wright  
Fernando Martinez | President and Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council  
Mark Sebree | Director of Diverse Sourcing and Inclusion, Franklin Energy   
Most organizations focus primarily on recruiting diverse talent onto their teams, rarely exploring the experiences of hired underrepresented employees. This panel will go beyond discussing recruitment best practices and focus on the challenges and opportunities for supporting underrepresented staff. Panelist will share examples of minority employee experiences from their personal and executive vantage points and ways to avoid workplace trauma.
Moderator: Serilda Summers-McGee | Principal, Workplace Change
Rukaiyah Adams | CIO, Meyer Memorial Trust
Frank Garcia | Principal, Garcia and Associates, LLC
Ryan Wines | Founder & CEO, Marmoset Music
Moderator: Oriana Magnera | Outreach and Policy Advocate, NW Energy Coalition
Terry Chaney | Outreach Specialist, Center for Energy and Environment  
Seandra Pope | Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Rooted Consulting Group
Desiree Sideroff | Consumer Products Manager, Senior Vice President, Craft3
Learn about successful strategies for achieving greater diversity through community and professional partnerships. Representatives of public and private sector organizations talk about successful strategies to broaden networks and build relationships with small and minority-owned contractors, community-based organizations, and POC communities.
Moderator: Ruth Bell | Co-President, Cascadia Consulting Group
Suzanne Kling | Vice President of People Operations, 3Degrees  
Katie Seling | Energy Research & Evaluation Analyst, Seattle City Light
Alex Washington, Ph.D. | Chief Policy Advisor, Mississippi Public Service Commission  
3:00-4:15pm With the revolutionary changes occurring in the power sector, not only with innovation but also with the needs and demands of consumers, it is imperative that the utility industry be as diverse as the communities it serves. Implementing policy and initiatives that, in addition to modernizing the grid, requires job and economic development and increase spend with minority, women, and veteran businesses can significantly improve the path towards building a diverse and inclusive industry. Seizing the opportunity to support the development of mentorship and apprenticeship programs, state legislative policies, commission activity related to utility procurement requirements, and educational programs are just some tools to fill the gap. This session will explore how energy policy can move the needle on diversity in the utility industry.
Moderator: Sadzi Oliva | Commissioner, Illinois Commerce Commission
Bill Dickens | Senior Energy Economist, Tacoma Power
Rose McKinney-James | Managing Principal, McKinney-James & Associates
Susie Wong | President & CEO, Asians in Energy  
While supplier diversity clearly promotes innovation, creates new sourcing opportunities, and drives competition buyers often remain reluctant to actively engage diverse suppliers. Join a diverse panel as they separate the salient reasons from the excuses, while examining the areas where the lines are blurred. They will also discuss resources and practices that will help to reduce the barriers that manifest themselves as legitimate reasons and the business rationales that result in excuses. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage panelists and discuss real-life scenarios and how your organization can work to eliminate the reason and excuses.
Moderator: Brian Oglesby | Vice President of Strategy, Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council
Linda Baynham | Owner, Baynham Environmental, LLC
Alando Simpson | Vice President, City of Roses Disposal & Recycling
Patricia Watts | President, FCI Management
Moderator: Marti Frank, Ph.D. | Principal, Efficiency for Everyone
Stephanie Berkland | Multifamily Programs and Research Manager, TRC Energy Services
Charlie Grist | Manager, NW Power & Conservation Council
Andrés Rodríguez | Multicultural Account Supervisor, C+C
Liz Stanton, Ph.D. | Clinic Director and Senior Economist, Applied Economics Clinic

Session resources: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

This panel will explore equity issues and the sharing (or not) of benefits related to renewable energy projects, ranging from engagement and inclusion in siting processes for large projects to the way our society provides incentives for small projects. Although the panel will focus mainly on renewable projects, the concepts discussed by the experts also speak to the electricity system as a whole.
Moderator: Betsy Kauffman | Sector Lead, Renewable Energy, Energy Trust of Oregon  
Trey Addison | Managing Partner, Nascent Group Holdings
Larry Owens | Senior Account Executive, Johnson Controls
Sherrie Pelsma | Program Director, Community Energy Project  
Van Jones | President & Founder, Dream Corps
Van Jones | President & Founder, Dream Corps

Thursday, September 13th

Grand Ballroom Renaissance Room Billiard Room
Anne Dougherty, founder and co-owner of ILLUME Advising, will share results from ILLUME's energy based ethnographic research across the Unites States. She will also provide key insights and communication guidelines for reaching and resonating with diverse utility customers, including Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese-speaking customers, rural vs. urban-dwelling customers, and key "minority" groups, such as African-American and Latino customers and second generation immigrant communities.
Anne Dougherty | Co-Founder, ILLUME
Paul Francis | CEO, KGIT  
Bing Tso | President, SBW Consulting  
10:45am-12:30pm Today's version of diversity covers, among many things: gender identity, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and veteran status. Everyone fits nicely into these groups. According to statistical reports, people fit into only one of these categories at a time. We compare men to women, white people to people of color, and cis gender and straight to LGBTQ+. What happens when people identify with more than one of these groups? Business leaders have traditionally administered a 'one size fits all approach' assuming that every person who identifies with one of these groups experiences the world and the workplace similarly. However, people are complex and rarely identify with only one group. It's time to expand our definition of diversity and get back to its roots: uniqueness and individuality. It's time to talk about intersectionality.
Demetria Miles-McDonald | Founder & CEO, Decide Diversity  
The ARC Engagement Method (ARCEM) and Implementation Process is a methodology that enables organizations to achieve authentic engagement that is rooted in the culture and values of their key constituents and stakeholders, leading to more inclusive, equitable solutions and ultimately better program design. Energy Efficiency Planning and Program Design is often built on quick guesses and ill-informed assumptions. In order to truly ensure that ideas are explored, projects are put into action, and broadly supported, organizations must commit to engaging in a decision-making process that supports collective design and ensures consensus from everyone involved. This interactive workshop will provide participants with experiential learning and practical tools for greater alignment, more thoughtful research, and collective collaboration, ultimately allowing for better engagement.
Sabrina Garba | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Glass Ladder Group
Seandra Pope | Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Rooted Consulting Group
With recent national discussions about cultural and gender differences (i.e. #MeToo, and Starbucks arrests), how do you identify unconscious bias and what can you do if you see it? In our session, we will discuss the various ways unconscious bias manifests in the workplace using real life scenarios, and you will learn the tools for responsible disruption. Unchecked biases impact workplace excellence, productivity and erodes company culture, let's do something about it.
Serilda Summers-McGee | Principal, Workplace Change
1:30-3:30pm What would success look like in the areas of inclusion and fairness, and where do we want to go? We all know that diversity matters, right? Leading researchers from Harvard Business School to McKinsey tell us so. Our review of demographic projections tells us so. And now we talk about inclusion and its importance to success - both for companies and employees. But, if you ask most people to define inclusion, you get widely varying definitions and similarly different definitions of how to set goals and recognize success. Join us as we address the question "Are We There Yet"?
Laurie Dowling | Executive Director, National Utility Diversity Council